• Yusak Tridarmanto


This article is deliberately written to discuss the person of Jesus from the perspective of his humanity. Apart from internal few evidences within the Bible, external evidences will be considered in order tounder stand imaginatively the person of Jesus in his human existence. As a human, Jesus did lots of mighty works that raised many crucial questions concerning his identity. Nevertheless, there is no one single answer that can comprehensively give the answer to this fundamental question. Everyanswer will accordingly have to reserve a mysterious aspect of his identity. Consequently, there is a belief that Jesus did not come from the present world, but from the heavenly world. As a result, Jesus is believed to be the very unique man of his day. His simplicity, his humbleness, his cares for the weak and the needy as well as his faithfulness to do his calling for humanity affairs become prime examples for everyone who is engaged incritical interaction with members of society at large.

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Yusak Tridarmanto
Lecturer in Faculty of Theology Dut Wacana Christian University
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Jesus; human; solidarity