“THE GOSPEL IN SOLENTINAME”. Sebuah Upaya Memaknai Teks dari Respon Pembaca

  • Daniel Kurniawan Listijabudi


This article focuses on the effort of a particular community known as Solentiname in order to search from and give the message to the Gospel contextually. This community of farmer and sailor families was guided by a Catholic priest, poet, and activist named Ernesto Cardenal. He found that his discussions were so real, contextual and polyvalent while at the same time really biblical. The Gospel of Solentiname is the kind of book that gives a clear example of what is said as Reader Response Criticism through a process of interactive dialogue. We can learn that such a method, elaborated on some decades ago among simple persons, should be reconsidered in the discourse of biblical inquiry in the post modern biblical interpretation.

Author Biography

Daniel Kurniawan Listijabudi
Lecturer in Faculty of Theology Duta Wacana Christian University
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LISTIJABUDI, Daniel Kurniawan. THE GOSPEL IN SOLENTINAME. Sebuah Upaya Memaknai Teks dari Respon Pembaca. Gema Teologi, [S.l.], v. 30, n. 1, apr. 2006. ISSN 08534500. Available at: <http://journal-theo.ukdw.ac.id/index.php/gema/article/view/80>. Date accessed: 15 oct. 2019.


polyvalent; Reader Response Criticism – interactive dialogue – post modern biblical interpretation