EKSPOSISI KARYA SENI RUPA KRISTIANI Menggagas Persoalan Harmoni dan Pluralitas

  • Wisnu Sasongko Painter


This article is a remaking of a presentation delivered in a seminar onreligious messages through art. That art, in particular paintings, can speakabout religious message is not really a new thing. But it is by no means asettled issue yet. Religion has been seen in such a way that makes it seento be more serious than art and speaking about religion through art looksmediocre. Such a view is met with challenges when we see the works ofartists. As an artist, the writer has shown his ability as well as his sensitivityto religious matters. One even can see that the writer speaks progressivelyof religious ideas through his paintings. It will be apparent that painting isalso a good medium to convey ideas that might still be of controversial.Certainly, much can be learned from the works of artists. Even theologianscan learn a lot from artists. If in the old days, artists were asked to fulfi ll theorder of theologians, it is now the time that the artists work in freedom andlet theologians learn from them.
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SASONGKO, Wisnu. EKSPOSISI KARYA SENI RUPA KRISTIANI Menggagas Persoalan Harmoni dan Pluralitas. Gema Teologi, [S.l.], v. 36, n. 2, oct. 2012. ISSN 08534500. Available at: <https://journal-theo.ukdw.ac.id/index.php/gema/article/view/142>. Date accessed: 03 july 2022.


paintings; art; spirituality; transition; social